About Our Mindful Approach To Workplace Wellness

Train Your Minds is a wellness company that combines ancient wisdom and modern science to assist employees in bringing a mindful approach to address the daily challenges of the workday. Our workshops are virtual, engaging, and tailored to your organization's needs.

What we do

The Train Your Minds workshops are designed to teach employees how to better manage the mind, the stresses, uncertainties and unpredictable events that occur in the workplace daily.

Our tools and techniques are proven to improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and improve productivity for corporate teams.

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them.”

- Epictetus

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Our Approach

The Train Your Minds approach combines years of fast-paced experience in Sales in business with years of mindfulness-based training that incorporates the combination of ancient wisdom, modern science to become a one-of-a-kind methodology to manage that monster in your head and ultimately become more successful at your profession.

It does not matter the profession or industry; when people are content, there is less absenteeism and presenteeism which results in better employee retention and positive culture.

“You could be good today, but instead you choose tomorrow.”

- Marcus Aurelius

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Mike "The Person"

I like to consider myself a regular guy, however, I do doubt it sometimes. Who really is a “regular” person anyhow? We all struggle, and all want to improve, but life can sure get in the way. For me, over the years, although never easy, I have been on a constant journey of improving and growing in every aspect of my life, working towards being the best version of myself so I can then put a smile on the faces of people around me. It took a while to figure this out and it’s a continuous work in progress, but I think I found the answer for me; - do whatever it takes to make myself better, so I can do my best to help inspire others to become better.

Mike "The Urban Yogi"

TYM is about getting a better grasp on yourself as a whole, starting with the mind. I make mistakes, have insecurities and negative thoughts at times. But what has given me the mental and emotional balance is the work I have done with my mind. Paying attention to the science on why we do the things we do and think the way we think has really assisted in my life professionally and in the outside world. I like to think of myself as an Urban Yogi, sharing experience and knowledge on the mind and body in a more secular, modern, easily digestible down to earth way. I meditate daily, go on retreat, and always strengthening and molding daily positive habits.

Mike "The Sales Professional"

I have worked in sales for more than half of my life. I have been in a myriad of sales environments. Starting in the telemarketing boom in the late 90’s at 16 years old, cold calling homeowners after school to help pay for my high school trips, to knocking doors in high crime neighborhoods selling security systems for 100% commission and no salary to eventually providing complex solutions to some of the largest organizations on the globe and so much more in between. I have seen the good, bad and ugly of this world of sales and business and have learned even more along the way.